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Six successful salespeople share their best b2b tips for startups -BY: Stephanie McGuinn Small Business Examiner Shawn-Chhabra’s-Best-Tip-as-seen-in-best-b2b-tips for If you’re just getting started in business-to-business (B2B) sales or need a refresher, this list is for you. We asked six sales experts to share their best secrets on everything from finding prospects to nailing the sales meeting, and here’s what they had to say. Finding Prospects Get Active on B2B Online Communities Get involved as an active participant with  [ Read More ]

Have you actually thought about what makes an Industry Influencer an Influencer? Industry Influencers love to be in the know, they love to give their expert advice and tidbit of wisdom and knowledge and they also like to engage with their followers. These Influencers take chances that a lot of others won’t and they stick to their guns. Even if things are not going as well as they first thought they continue to hatch out a plan that will give  [ Read More ]