How Book Publishing Adds Value to Your Career

Our team is in the process of publishing a book – (tentative title): Advantages of Publishing Your Own Book…..I Use My Book as an Expended Business Card!

We are looking for a few success stories to be included in our forthcoming book. The top 10 stories will be selected to be featured and published. We want you to share your testimonial on how publishing a book has helped in your business. {As well as briefly share your expertise, knowledge and skills from what you have learned throughout your career to gain credibility and success.}

This book will be published to empower individuals to join the movement in making a positive difference in the world. It will be a book to help anyone who may be having doubts or frustration in which way they should go by drawing inspiration from masterminds who have perhaps been through the struggles and obstacles to overcome and achieve the ultimate goal.

Since I have always been into natural healing and own an online holistic health and healing college, I understand a need for wellness and well-being for the person as a whole — body, mind and spirit. You have to be true to yourself and consider what others are truly needing, what is the root problem they are suffering from, what inhibits them from ascertaining goals they may have set for themselves and ways to help them achieve what is missing in their life, career, and family.

• Is it a good idea to write a book to promote yourself/business?
• Advantages of publishing your own book?
• Top reasons to publish your story/book?
• Did your book add instant credibility to you?
• Are you closing more clients/business deals due to added credibility because of your published story/book?
• Do people look up to you as an industry expert (as you got published)?
• How your book adds value to your career?
• Are you seen as a community hero because of your book?

Contact us if you are interested in being a part of this worthwhile endeavor.

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Shawn Sudershan Chhabra

Sudershan Shawn Chhabra

Shawn Chhabra
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Best Selling Author, Co-Author with Brian Tracy

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Shawn Chhabra


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