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John Lee Dumas FEATURED SHAWN CHHABRA ON EOFIRE – Episode: 1353 – “THE KINDEST MAN! ON  EOFire: SHAWN CHHABRA“ Please scroll down to listen to the interview! Please go to the bottom of the pages for the Free Gifts (Fire Nation Specials) John Featured Shawn as. “THE KINDEST MAN!“ Please see below for the Fire Nation’s Free Gifts   eofire: Special Gifts for My Favorite Community Members: Podcasters’ Paradise  

Thanks to Jaime (Tardy) Masters for featuring me on your show “EventualMillionaire”   Resources Mentioned in the Podcast: Get-Published-Get-Noticed Check out for more info. Follow Shawn on Twitter   Here is the Direct Link to Gifts from Shawn to Jaime’s Fans 🙂 EventualMillionaires: Special Gifts for My Favorite Community Members: Eventual Millionaire    

Feeling proud 🙂 Got Featured on Huffington Post CONTRIBUTOR The Secret to Building an Email List of over 100k   Shawn Chhabra, Entrepreneur and Author   “I have used my book to build a subscribers list, in fact, we have used several books to help our client companies to build multiple lists. This method is my top choice because this is very effective, inexpensive and scalable. Write a book with your top goal to get laser target leads and subscribers then copy  [ Read More ]

Shawn Chhabra was Quoted at 5 Lesser-Known Challenges of Running an Ecommerce Store Product quality: Since you do not test and ship the products yourself, there is no way to know if the products being delivered to the customer are of the same quality as the one you paid for. According to Shawn Chhabra of, there is always a possibility for counterfeit products to get mixed in the inventory you sell. This can sometimes be a safety hazard, since the  [ Read More ]

“The Mindful Revolution: Recipe for Creating Flourishing Life and Business” We believe in creating an environment where we are instantly able to convert chaos to stability by empowering the employees by teaching them how they can move from emptiness to fulfillment and awaken their creativity through inspiration. Everything starts with cognitive brain and thought process. No more fight & flight activities. We condition our mind by doing our daily meditation practices, during breaks. Thanks to: Shawn-Sudershan Chhabra of Winning the  [ Read More ]

Six successful salespeople share their best b2b tips for startups -BY: Stephanie McGuinn Small Business Examiner Shawn-Chhabra’s-Best-Tip-as-seen-in-best-b2b-tips for If you’re just getting started in business-to-business (B2B) sales or need a refresher, this list is for you. We asked six sales experts to share their best secrets on everything from finding prospects to nailing the sales meeting, and here’s what they had to say. Finding Prospects Get Active on B2B Online Communities Get involved as an active participant with  [ Read More ]

Have you actually thought about what makes an Industry Influencer an Influencer? Industry Influencers love to be in the know, they love to give their expert advice and tidbit of wisdom and knowledge and they also like to engage with their followers. These Influencers take chances that a lot of others won’t and they stick to their guns. Even if things are not going as well as they first thought they continue to hatch out a plan that will give  [ Read More ]

Winning the Game of Life: YES! we did  it!   (TOP NUMBER 1 of ALL Podcasts in New and Noteworthy- iTunes)! (November 30th, 2015)    

Shawn’s Tip: Sharpen Your Brain 4 Business As-Seen-in- The Best Small Business Resources by: Carol Roth at Sharpen Your Brain 4 Business Weird but true- the best business resource: sharpen your brain for business success. My mentors John Assaraf and Mark Waldman suggest frequent yawning and deep breathing breaks as brain refresher tool. Mark even teaches this to his MBA students at the Executive MBA program at Loyola University. This breathing and meditation could be the most efficient business  [ Read More ]

  Shawn’s Productivity Tip was part of an article in Prestigious Business Blog written by renowned New York Times Bestselling Author:Carol Roth . Article Title: Tips for Improving Business Productivity Article was written by renowned New York Times Bestselling Author:Carol Roth Carol Roth is a national media personality, ‘recovering’ investment banker, investor, speaker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. She is currently an on-air contributor for the national cable television station CNBC, the preeminent  [ Read More ]