Shawn Chhabra Got Featured on Huffington Post

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Feeling proud 🙂

Got Featured on Huffington Post


The Secret to Building an Email List of over 100k


Shawn Chhabra, Entrepreneur and Author


“I have used my book to build a subscribers list, in fact, we have used several books to help our client companies to build multiple lists. This method is my top choice because this is very effective, inexpensive and scalable.

Write a book with your top goal to get laser target leads and subscribers then copy my success.

There are two ways; I have used my books to get the subscribers from particular niches. I used my own websites to give away pdf copies in combination to Facebook ads.

Here are couple of examples:



The real magic happens when you leverage the power of Amazon’s powerful platform. The KDP Select is magical. You can get hundreds of subscribers in the first week, if not in a day or two.

That happens by using the right strategies and combining with additional marketing efforts, your own effort in addition to whatever Amazon is going to do to promote your book’s free downloads as a part of their KDP promotions. Amazon will promote your book and make it available at zero price, and you know that we all love free stuff. People will jump on this offer, and you will have thousands of people downloading your book. If you tell them to opt in and get additional free stuff, your subscriber’s list will skyrocket. Start offering free stuff from page one and give away additional free stuff at the beginning of every chapter.

You must start enticing people (the readers) for free stuff to opt-in to get free goodies, the bonus items. Your free bonus, the giveaway stuff must be valuable and useful to people and related to your book.

These results aren’t reserved for the only few lucky ones who are already established and have big followers (audiences). I have done all of them, so can you too.”


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